The Beaujolais Run 2010 - Brands Hatch to Reims

One of the UK’s legendary Formula One circuits saw a return by two world champions. Nigel Mansell returned to the scene of his first Grand Prix victory; John reminisced about his first ever road race on the new tarmac circuit in 1950 and the wins that he had on both 2 and 4 wheels. Robbie Kerr thrilled the competitors and assembled press behind the wheel of the Surtees TS7, live on the circuit. This classic Formula One car paraded the circuit before taking up its position as an unusual pace car. Nigel was ably supported by John and Jonathan Palmer who all spoke of their delight at being present on the ‘Run and how committed they were to support the newly formed Henry Surtees Foundation. Teams formed up on the distinguished Formula One grid, before Nigel, John and Jonathan walked the grid, shaking hands with the teams, talking tactics and wishing them all the best on this year’s ‘Run. Nigel then returned to his role as starter and dropped The Beaujolais Run 2010 starting flag. The competing teams were off and France bound!

After a high spirited drive south from Calais, the teams found themselves welcomed warmly into the arms of the Taittinger family at their breathtaking cellars. Pierre-Emmanuel Taittinger himself welcomed the teams to Reims. A private tour and tasting was followed by an exclusive preview of the magnificent new Visitors’ Centre. Pierre-Emmanuel announced that teams would be part of Taittinger history; as they would be the last people to visit the Visitors’ Centre as it stands today and the first to visit the new site, which will not be opened until tomorrow! Teams debriefed the day before receiving their first cryptic checkpoint clue for tomorrow’s navigation challenge and heading into the bright city lights of Reims’ nightlife.

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