The Beaujolais Run 2010 - Macon to Reims

Competitors awoke in Mâcon and passed Beaune heading for Champagne. All teams made good progress to Reims as they knew a treat was in store…

As the sun went down on Reims, teams were escorted to a stunning Taittinger owned venue; most famous for entertaining the Kings of France and visiting heads of state.

Vitalie Taittinger led teams through five different wines accompanying a sumptuous dinner and a gastronomy and Formula One themed charity auction. During dinner John Surtees praised teams for their fundraising efforts and gave an evocative insight into the role France played in his epic career. John was accompanied by his family who thoroughly enjoyed being part of the evening and were only too pleased to accept The Beaujolais Run 2010 Burlington shirt which includes Henry’s helmet illustration on the sleeve.

Expectations were running high as the time for prize giving arrived. Angus Hughes and Owain Lloyd of Shaken But Undeterred took P2 for the GT1 Maps Only navigation class. Winners of P2, Any Assistance, were Oliver Smith and Emmylou Wherlock of More Dash Than Cash. The highly coveted P1 went to John Riley and Jeffrey Smith of Men in Black. This year the trophy attached to P1 was donated by Andy Wall of Sunpower father to James Wall who tragically lost his fight against cancer in April 2009. This wonderfully individual trophy will continue in perpetuity, known as the James Wall Trophy for the Highest Fundraiser.

Always a hotly contested award, L’Esprit du Cours went to Geoff Core and Phil Bubb of Encore Le Trognan (More Core) for their ingenuity in fundraising, their press efforts and showing the spirit to be Beaujolais ambassadors on the ‘Run.

The Mitras proudly collected the Wooden Spoon Award having chalked up the most miles during day two’s navigation trial.

Teams then retired to the ‘Run’s ‘home bar and brasserie’, Hall Place and Le Curtayn Club to end a high energy, albeit at times emotional, night.

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