The Beaujolais Run 2011 - Opening Night

It was Jaguar that took centre stage in the sumptuous Cedar Room at the Royal Automobile Club; Mike Hawthorn’s 1955 Le Mans-winning D-type, alongside the latest XK Coupe created a stunning centrepiece to the evening’s proceedings. Teams immersed themselves in the romance and history of both the ‘Run and Jaguar’s heritage.

In the audience present; ‘Run Patron John Surtees OBE, Norman Dewis, British motoring history marvel and Jaguar test driver for 33 years; Anthony Reid, BTCC Master, Le Mans and sports car legend; and Steve Berry, car and bike supremo. All of whom took to the stage to share racing anecdotes and wish teams well on their journey ahead.

For one night only The Cedar Room at Woodcote Park had become ‘Run HQ. A stunning buffet accompanied by Champagne Taittinger and wines by Messrs Louis Jadot ensured the competitors were kept refreshed in style as they viewed this year’s competing cars from the Terrace and came face to face with their competition for the first time.

Teams were briefed on how to use their Nokia device; so that their friends, family and sponsors can track their adventure live during the ‘Run.

For the first time ever, the ‘Run has allowed a third team member; each team will be accompanied by a Royal Automobile Club teddy bear mascot – look out for photos of teddy on tour during the 2011 ‘Run!

Surtees and Dewis released the cars in a night start; destination, the Top Gear test track at Dunsfold Park. Competing teams picked their way through the night to parc fermé.

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