HBR 2008 - the most technologically advanced 'Run in the world

We are delighted to have continued longstanding partnerships with many global brands and to have welcomed so many new event partners into the fold to enable us to execute HBR 2008 to a unique standard.

Jaguar Cars Ltd has always been supportive of the 'Run. This year, to celebrate sixty years of the XK, their involvement has been at an unprecedented level.

The Jaguar XKRS and the XFS V8 proved to be the two most capable vehicles yet of taking on the behind the scenes work associated with the 'Run. Run Directors and marshalls arrived refreshed and relaxed thanks to the level of comfort afforded by both vehicles and some unique technical features.

The XFS V8 proved to be the most comfortable support car one could wish for. Carrying capabilities in its huge boot allowed us to transport all required for a five day with ease. Automatic braking using radar and blind spot recognition ensured increased safety during the event, as did automatic headlights, wipers and a supremely accurate GPS system.

The XKRS with its sheer grunt and refinement established itself as probably the greatest Grand Tourer ever made. The handling of the vehicle combined with its comfort levels both on event and recce has established this vehicle as the benchmark within the team for other GTs to aspire to.

Thanks to Vodafone, TrackaPhone and Blackberry, HBR 2008 antics were viewed in real time all over the world. Texas, Monaco and Sao Paulo were just three key examples of countries who requested to view. For the 'Run team it was like being part of a video game, as they tracked cars converging on their location.

PowerStarGO allowed competitors to ensure electrical devices were fully charged every night and gave a portable power supply on the move.

BP Ultimate offered the choice of clean and efficient power delivery for competitor vehicles en route.

Casio provided state of the art event timing. The provision of Waveceptor watches ensured healthy competition for prizes and accuracy for the 'Run team. Waveceptor technology allows these stainless steel timepieces to remain accurate by picking up radio signals making timezone transition effortless.

Champagne Taittinger and Louis Jadot ensured competitors were kept refreshed in style when away from the wheel.

Footman James celebrated twenty five years by sponsoring the dinner at Chateau des Ravatys. The DilEmmas, representing Footman James, were the only ladies team on HBR 2008, driving their Maserati GranSport with gusto!

HBR 2008 webstreaming, filmed by Marc Lis, brought the 'Run to life for families, friends and sponsors across the world. Sponsors enjoyed a vast audience on a global scale, giving patronage of a unique event where 100% of competitors' sponsor monies benefit the event's nominated charities.

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