The Beaujolais Run 2011 – Top Gear test track at Dunsfold Park to Reims

Overseen by ‘Run Patron, John Surtees OBE; Norman Dewis was reunited with his favourite car of all time; 774 RW, the evocative and beautifully restored D-type of Britain’s first World Champion, Mike Hawthorn.

The awesome sound of the D-type’s engine sounded the re-start of the 2011 ‘Run, as teams watched in awe as the D-type took the famous corners of Hammerhead, Chicago and Gambon. Led out onto the track by Top Gear challenge winner Anthony Reid; teams took to the circuit. Many remarked, that they could not believe how tight some of the corners were and how skilled the Stig must be!

Dunsfold Park fell quiet as teams continued their journey cross-country to Eurotunnel; where they were to be treated unlike any other passenger that day. With lanes 5 and 6 reserved solely for the ‘Run; teams sailed through check-in and were greeted individually by Eurotunnel staff with their tickets; enabling them to make their way effortlessly, led by an escort vehicle onto their high space train. A soupson of ‘in-flight service’ heightened the excitement further; as teams mapped their route ahead to Reims and the magical cellars of Champagne Taittinger.

Teams debriefed the day before receiving their first cryptic checkpoint clue for tomorrow’s navigation challenge and heading into the bright city lights of Reims’ nightlife.

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