The Beaujolais Run 2015®

At The Royal Automobile Club, Woodcote Park teams on The Beaujolais Run® 2015 awoke to the sound of engines being fired up. A bright morning, greeted a band of intrepid motorist, keen on taking up the challenge of "Europe's biggest rolling house party."

Classic Featured marques Bristol and Morgan took centre stage, showcasing the car companies development, with many rare variants present.
Supporting partner SsangYong ensured that all the competitors requirements could be accomodated with ease.
The arrival of the Ferrari FF gave cause for excitement, as at the wheel was none other than 'Run patron, and double world champion, John Surtees OBE. John viewed the range of vehicles present, with a look of approval.
At sign on, the competitors found that 'Run sponsor John Partridge & Co had done them proud. The teams received a limited edition car coat each to ensure they kept warm and dry on the 2015 adventure.
Run legend, Anthony Reid, gave teams an insight into his career and some driving tips. He would later be flagged off in the SsangYong Tivoli by none other than John Surtees OBE himself.
Teams held a one minute silence in respect for the victims of Paris with the staff of The Royal Automobile Club before they were joined by Channel 4's film crew.
The teams then took part in filming for a new Food programme and tasted truffle and potato canapes, special created for them by a top chef.
The 'Run to Eurotunnel was dry, before teams were loaded onto their Trai. En route to France Champagne Taittinger provided Navigators with in flight service.
On arrival in Antwerp the 'Runners headed out to explore Napoleons favourite Belgian city. The majesty of the cathedral overlooking "Place Napoleon Bonarparte" now Grooenplatz.
'Runners dined in 16th century surroundings, debriefed the day and headed for a well earned rest in their boutique hotel. Waterloo awaits in the morning.

About Us
Please note that The Beaujolais Run® is a trademarked event in name, logo and event format. We are not an events company, we are reliant and grateful for the generosity of the press and our partners to ensure this great Anglo-French tradition continues and we raise significant monies for charity.
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The trademark is vigorously defended against replication or emulation, protected by the Intellectual Property Office. Due to its unique nature and fame, it is impossible to replicate the event without breaching our intellectual property. In all cases all damages recovered will be donated to our charitable causes.
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