Passavant and Lee join The Beaujolais Run® with some very special cases....

When The Beaujolais Run® was looking for something very special to commemorate its tenth year, in the new format, an idea was hatched. This was to bring the famous story of the return of the wine from France right up to date. Now visiting Champagne, Burgundy and Beaujolais; it was important that all three region's were involved and reflected. It became a challenge to find a suitable means of transport that would protect the bottles in a stylish and subtle way. This had to be achieved without a loss of the spirit of the 'Run and its ability to showcase fine workmanship.

Passavant and Lee came about because they wanted to create something unlike anything that existed in the marketplace. As an American and an Englishman – who forged a friendship traveling the globe modeling for some of the fashion industry’s top brands – they wanted the products they created together to carry the spirit of each of their home countries.

The founders had a vision of two unique raw materials coming together; fine leather, handcrafted in the English tradition and aircraft grade aluminum, honed precisely in the spirit of American engineering.

These two materials had sat side-by-side for a century in fine watches, automobiles and military aircraft, but never so distinctly, or deliberately in a case a man might carry with him each day. And even transport his fine wine.

All of their products are designed in New York and handmade in London; they are grounded in old world craftsmanship and detailing, but with a modern, adventurous spirit that appeals to pioneers everywhere.

This made Passavant and Lee the ideal partner for the 'Run. This year we will follow the story of the cases on their travels with The Beaujolais Run® 2016 and their eventual deliveries.

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