An opening night dinner in an exquisite venue...

Having returned from Taittinger's underground crayéres, the team's vehicles were left safely in parc fermé for the night, watched over by security. The Passavant and Lee case now loaded with Taittinger Brut, was locked away with its siblings; the evenings fun could begin.

Discovering the champagne bar in their luxury hotel, teams enjoyed a small aperitif before heading for an opening night Champagne dinner in the 13th century building in which the Counts of Champagne spent the night with the French Kings before their crowning.

After a four course dinner accompanied by Taittinger Brut and Brut Rosé the 2016 'Runners relaxed and got to know each other. After a recap of the day's events, 'Run stalwart, Anthony Reid took to the stage. A Le Mans, BTCC and Goodwood champion, Anthony gave the teams an insight into his career and what lay in store for them over the next two days of the navigational trial.

The 2016 theme for the navigational trial was 'The life and times of William Shakespeare", with day three of the 'Run celebrating this in fancy dress. The first clue was revealed with coffee and this referenced the Montague's and Capulets of Romeo and Juliet, sending competitors to the Chateau d'Etoges for their first checkpoint the following morning. The evening closed back in the hotels Champagne bar with one team member being invited to join the Champagne in the ice bucket!

All slept soundly that night after an amazing first day on the 2016 'Run.
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